Academy patient education resources

Utilize these Academy's resources to educate your patients about skin, hair and nail conditions.  If you would like to recommend patient education topics that aren't included in the resources below, please submit them for consideration here.

SPOT Skin Cancer® is the resource for your patients to learn about skin cancer detection and prevention, including how to perform a skin self-exam and track their spots using the Academy’s body mole map.

  Dermatology A to Z
A quick resource to provide your patients with in-depth information about the diagnosis and medical, surgical and cosmetic treatment of skin, hair and nail conditions, as well as health and beauty tips.


Dermatology A to Z app
This free app provides patients information at their fingertips about skin, hair and nail conditions.  Also provides the daily UV index and sun protection tips that correspond to the UV index.


SPOT Skin Cancer Educational Materials

Teach your patients the importance of skin care detection and prevention with the Academy's body mole map, flyers with sun safety tips, or presentations about skin cancer.

    For Kids
Teach your younger patients the importance of skin, hair and nail care by introducing them to Sammy the Skin Cell.

Academy Pamphlet Series

Provide your patients with take-home information that supports your in-office education about skin, hair and nail conditions.  More than 70 topics available for purchase through the AAD Store. 

    Skin E-News
Encourage your patients to sign up for this free monthly e-newsletter with tips to care for their skin, hair, and nails.
    Skin Advocate app
Now available at your fingertips, the listings for patient advocacy groups in the area.
     Skin cancer screenings
Participate in the Academy’s National Skin Cancer Screening Program.  The Academy provides all the screening materials free of charge.  By conducting a screening, you can save lives and position yourself as a health care leader in your community.

Camp Discovery
Refer your young patients with chronic skin conditions to Camp Discovery for a summer camp experience they won’t soon forget.

  Shade structure grant program
Sponsor a local organization or school’s application for a grant to provide vital UV protection over playgrounds, swimming pools or other outdoor areas.


  Media relations toolkit
Resources to help you respond to media inquiries, generate local media coverage, and implement public education activities that positively position your practice in your community and encourage healthy skin, hair, and nail habits.

Media Update e-newsletter
Stay current on the news stories from across the country which your patients may ask you about during their office visit.  This monthly e-newsletter also provides pitching tips to support your local media relations efforts.

  Dermatology Daily
Stay informed about breaking news in dermatology, the house of medicine and legislative issues affecting your practice.
     Dermatology A to Z app
This free app provides patients information at their fingertips about skin, hair and nail conditions.  Also provides the daily UV index and sun protection tips that correspond to the UV index.

Dermatology A to Z Video Series

Quick videos with tips to help patients learn how to manage their conditions and better care for their skin, hair and nails. You can link to these videos or embed them on your practice website.



Social Media

Leverage the Academy’s social media platforms to educate your patients and build your practice.  Follow the Academy’s Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Pinterest accounts and share the Academy’s messages your patients. 


  Public Service Announcements
Educate your patients about skin cancer detection and prevention with these straight-forward videos. Embed the PSAs on your practice website or share them through social media.

Additional resources

 JAAD app

JAAD app

Access JAAD through your Apple or Android devices.


Psoriasis app

Clinical recommendations for all available therapies.


Coding and Practice Updates webinar

On-demand webinar focusing on 2014 changes.


Future of Dermatology Roundtable

Specialty thought leaders are featured in this video series.

mohs app

Mohs app

Helps determine when Mohs surgery is appropriate.


Dialogues in Dermatology

A monthly audio subscription program.


Performance Improvement CME

A Web-based program to improve patient care.