Reading list resources

Continue to cultivate your leadership skills with these insightful reading materials. The attached leadership reading list is a vast collection of literature that provides an in-depth look at ways you can meet the challenges of your life and career by enhancing your leadership abilities.

Below is a list of AAD recommended mentorship literature to help mentors and mentees get the most out of their experience.

Caroline C. Kim, MD, Ellen J. Kim, MD, Clara Curiel-Lewandrowski, MD, Victor Marks, MD,  Mary Maloney, MD, Ilona J. Frieden, MD.  A Mentorship Model in Dermatology. 2011.

Lois J. Zachary. The Mentor’s Guide – Facilitating Effective Learning Relationships. John Wiley and Sons 2000.

Mary Maloney, MD. Ethical Mentorship: The Dilemma of Success or Failure. Clin. Dermatol. 2011. March-April;30(2): 210-215.

W. Brad Johnson, Charles R. Ridley. The Elements of Mentoring. Palgrave MacMillan 2008.

Zerzan JT, Hess R, Schur E, Phillips RS, Rigotti N. Making the most of mentors: A guide for mentees. Acad Med. 2009 Jan;84(1):140-4. 

Download the comprehensive leadership reading list.