Diversity Mentorship Program: Information for mentors

The American Academy of Dermatology invites current members of the Academy to participate as volunteer mentors in the Diversity Mentorship program, a program offered to first- through fourth-year medical students who are underrepresented in medicine.*

Program description

Through this one-on-one mentorship program, volunteer mentors provide medical students with hands-on exposure in the field of dermatology and help stimulate interest in dermatology as an obtainable career choice.

 View the current Diversity Mentorship mentors.

Medical students will be notified of their acceptance into the Diversity Mentorship Program in April 2015. Each medical student is required to complete a one-month, 160-hour mentorship with his or her volunteer mentor by Dec. 1, 2015. Learn more about the Diversity Mentorship program for medical students.

Online mentor profile

The mentorship is open to a variety of practice settings, including private practice, research, surgical dermatology, treatment compliance, therapy, etc.

Each student applicant is required to secure a mentor prior to submitting an application. The AAD provides a database of mentor profiles  to assist applicants in the selection process. An applicant who is interested in having you as a mentor will be in contact with you by Jan. 31, 2015.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor in the Diversity Mentorship program, or would like to make an update, please complete your online mentor profile. As a reminder, your volunteer mentorship hours can be recorded under the Academy’s Volunteer Recognition Program.

Please contact Tina Matillano with any questions at (847) 240-1280 or email timatillano@aad.org.

*The Academy recognizes the following racial groups as underrepresented in the field of dermatology, as related to the U.S. population: African-American, Hispanic, American Indian/Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander.