Resident & Fellow Quality Improvement Project Award

The AAD is offering financial support to resident and fellow physicians engaged in quality improvement projects that help meet requirements for ACGME accreditation. Get up to $2,500 and recognition for the valuable work that is a required part of today’s training. Funds can help cover expenses of data collection, materials and supplies, and even travel to the AAD Annual Meeting for a presentation.

Application deadline: Oct. 15, 2016

Selected applicants will be invited to reveal their quality improvement projects at the AAD Annual Meeting “Symposium S029: QI that can improve your practice” on Saturday, March 4, 2017.

Apply in 3 short steps

  1. Fill out the brief online form below.
  2. Attach a short letter of support from a faculty sponsor, program director, or chair.
  3. Attach your CV.

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  • Timeline
    August 15
    • Communications to residents, professors, programs
    October 15
    • Submission deadline
    November 15

    • Awardee notification and provision of funding
    November 15 thru
    Spring 2017
    • Implementation of QI project
    • 3-month reports using templates of QI implementation back to the PSQC
    • Evaluation of QI projects that could become templates for AAD QI resource center
    March 4, 2017
    (Annual Meeting)
    •  AAD annual meeting poster/presentation
      (or other patient safety & quality meeting)
    June 1, 2017
    • Submission for publication in the peer-reviewed literature or on the AAD website



  • Eligibility criteria
    AAD Resident and Fellow Quality Improvement Project Awards are open to AAD member residents in an accredited dermatology residency in the US or Canada.
  • Quality improvement projects
    AAD Resident and Fellow Quality Improvement Project Awards are open to AAD member residents in an accredited dermatology residency in the US or Canada.

    The ACGME encourages quality improvement projects (Program Requirement VI.A.3) which:
    • Engage interprofessional improvement teams
    • Focus on systems-based challenges and seek to implement system changes
    • Utilize quality improvement frameworks, tools, and methodologies
    • Have strong focus on measurable improvement
    • Align with clinical quality improvement priorities of institutions or departments

    ACGME examples of quality improvement projects:
    • analysis of performance data from data registries (AAD Data Derm, etc.);
    • rapid cycle quality improvement projects (DMAIC, PDSA Cycle, etc.); and
    • o process improvement projects (LEAN 6 Sigma, etc.).
  • Award review criteria

    All candidates will receive a score of 0-5 in each of the following categories, for the extent to which the project meets the following criteria:

    • Engages an improvement team
    • Focuses on systems-based challenges and seeks to implement system changes
    • Utilizes quality improvement frameworks, tools, and methodologies
    • Has a strong focus on measurable improvement
    • Is likely to achieve the project aim

APPLY for the Resident & fellow quality improvement award

Institution/place of business
What is your project’s goal? What are you seeking to improve? Describe the problem and approach to identifying a solution. Word limit = 100

Select the safety goals your project might address. (Select all that apply)

How will you measure progress? Describe the metrics to test success and the plan for analysis of the baseline and follow-up. Word limit = 100

What kinds of measurement tools will be used? (Select all that apply)


Source(s) of data for project measure (Select all that apply)

List the position and role of each member of the project team.
Project budget. List the reason for each expense and estimated cost. $2500 maximum to fund expenses directly related to the project and/or travel to present the project at the AAD Annual Meeting. Salaries and indirect expenses are not allowable for this award; only direct expenses necessary for the project to be completed.
Do you agree to permit the AAD to share your quality improvement project on the AAD website as a resource for other dermatology providers engaged in practice improvement?

IRB approval (select one)

Seeking full IRB (if yes, include submission date below)
Submission date
Attach a letter of support from faculty sponsor or department leadership (program director or chair).
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