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Nominating Committee Chair letter

Dear Colleague:

The Nominating Committee is looking forward to reviewing applications from nominees who are willing to be considered as potential candidates for the 2018 American Academy of Dermatology (Academy) election.

In order to be eligible for candidacy, nominees for all positions must be a member in good standing with the Academy and belong to the “Fellow” membership category.  

  • President-Elect and Vice President-Elect nominees must have served for at least one (1) year on the Academy Board of Directors by the time they assume their officer position to be considered. Additionally, following the election, the successful President-Elect candidate will be required to divest him or herself of any direct financial relationships8 during their entire term (utilizing the time from close of election to officially taking office for divestiture).  

  • Board of Director nominees should have broad knowledge base and experience in dermatology and understand the working/operational structure of the Academy.

  • Nominating Committee Member Representative nominees should have served within the Academy governance structure and be knowledgeable of members within their geographic area.

    As the current Nominating Committee Chair, I urge you to allow the committee to consider you, or another qualified colleague you may identify, as a potential nominee for the 2018 election of officer, director, or Nominating Committee member representative. Information to help you make a successful nomination is located in the Reference Materials sectionwhich you are encouraged to read.

    To allow the Nominating Committee to fairly and fully consider your interest and qualifications, please submit all required materials and letters of support by email or fax beginning mid-July 2017. The deadline to submit all required materials as determined by the Nomination and Election Procedure Administrative Regulation is Oct. 1.  

    Your nomination and the required materials will be held in strict confidence and will be disseminated only to the Nominating Committee and essential Academy staff. 

Siegel Signature_CFN2018
Daniel M . Siegel, MD, MS, FAAD
Chair, Nominating Committee

Excerpt:  Administrative Regulation on Code for Interactions with Companies
Definition: A Direct Financial Relationship is a compensated relationship held by an individual that should generate an IRS Form W-2, 1099 or equivalent income report. Key Society Leaders (including the President, President-Elect, Immediate Past President, the Secretary-Treasurer, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer, the chief executive officer of a Society’s membership organization, and the Editor(s)-in-Chief of Society Journal(s) may provide uncompensated service to for-profit health care products companies (“Companies”) and accept reasonable travel reimbursement in connection with those services. Key Society Leaders may accept research support as long as grant money is paid to the institution (e.g., academic medical center) or practice where the research is conducted, not to the individual. Exception may be made in certain circumstances for provision of consultant or investigator expertise related to protocol development and/or safety monitoring or any other consulting work related to one’s own past, current or potential research studies as long as the activities are not related to marketing or promotional efforts. In this event, the Secretary-Treasurer must be provided with background information and approval must be provided in advance for an exception to the policy. In these circumstances, compensation to the individual may not exceed $10,000/company/year. Verifying 1099 forms must be submitted to the Secretary-Treasurer when received. This exception may not be applied to the President, who shall remain free from any and all direct financial relationships during his/her term of office.