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QCDR measure AAD 2

Psoriasis: Screening for Psoriatic Arthritis

Description: The percentage of patients with a diagnosis of psoriasis who are screened for psoriatic arthritis at least once during the reporting period.

Measure ID: AAD2

Type: Process

CMS Derm Specialty Set: N/A

High priority: N/A

Topped out: Yes

Reporting methods: Registry/QCDR

Maximum points: 10

Measure purpose: This measure encourages screening for psoriatic arthritis among patients who have psoriasis. Dermatologists are strongly encouraged to actively seek signs and symptoms of psoriatic arthritis at each visit.


The numerator: The number of patients with psoriasis who are screened for psoriatic arthritis during the reporting period


The denominator: The number of patients with psoriasis seen during the reporting period.

Measure calculation example

Dr. Saito saw 29 patients with psoriasis during the reporting period. This is the denominator.

Dr. Saito screened 22 of these patients for psoriatic arthritis. This is the numerator.

Quality of patient care = 22/29. Dr. Saito has a score of 75.86% for this measure. This translates to 3 points.

Important note

This measure is topped out, so it is difficult to score more than 3 points. Physicians must score a perfect score to receive 10 points. A score of 99.9% earns a score of only 4.9 points, while a 100% score earns 10 points. In effect, there is a large gap in earned points between a nearly perfect score and a perfect score.

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Quality measure score benchmark

CMS will award points based on a comparison of your performance rate to CMS benchmarks listed below. Reach the performance rate listed to achieve the corresponding points per measure. Points achieved for the Quality category will account for 45% of the overall MIPS score.

Measure Name
Measure ID
Submission Method
Measure Type
Standard Deviation
Decile 3
Decile 4
Decile 5Decile 6Decile 7Decile 8Decile 9Decile 10Topped Out?
Seven Point Cap?

Psoriasis: Screening for Psoriatic Arthritis







82.44 - 95.44

95.45 - 99.99