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Measure 410

Psoriasis: Clinical Response to Systemic Medications

Description: The percentage of psoriasis vulgaris patients receiving systemic medication who meet minimal physician- or patient-reported disease activity levels.

Measure ID: 410

Type: Outcome

CMS Derm Specialty Set: Yes

High Priority: Yes

Topped out: No

Reporting methods: Registry/QCDR

Maximum points: 10

Measure purpose: A significant proportion of psoriasis patients who are receiving treatment remain unsatisfied with their therapies, and treatment dissatisfaction can lead to patients discontinuing their medication. This measure evaluates the proportion of psoriasis vulgaris patients receiving systemic medication who meet minimal physician- or patient-reported disease activity levels to increase patient satisfaction and adherence to treatment.


The numerator: Patients who have a documented physician global assessment (PGA; 5-point OR 6-point scale), body surface area (BSA), psoriasis area and severity index (PASI) and/or dermatology life quality index (DLQI) that meet any one of the specified benchmarks:

  • PGA (5-point OR 6-point scale) ≤ 2 (clear to mild skin disease)
  • BSA < 3% (mild disease)
  • PASI < 3 (no or minimal disease)
  • DLQI ≤ 5 (no effect or small effect on patient’s quality of life)


The denominator: All patients with a diagnosis of psoriasis vulgaris who are treated with a systemic medication.

Measure calculation example

Dr. Chen saw 47 patients who have a diagnosis of psoriasis vulgaris and receive systematic medications during the reporting period. This is the denominator. Of the 47 patients, 31 have a documented physician global assessment, BSA, PASI, and/or DLQI that meet one of the specified benchmarks. This is the numerator.

Quality of patient care = 31/47. Dr. Chan has a score of 66% for this measure. This translates to 5.0 to 5.9 points.

Important note

Because of how this measure is structured, physicians score 3 points even if they report on only one patient. This is applicable only to small practices with 15 providers or fewer. Physicians receive no additional score for reporting scores that fall below 1.81%. A score of 99.9% earns 7.9 points, while a score of 100% earns 10 points.

Flowchart of MIPS410
Flowchart of MIPS410

Quality measure score benchmark

CMS will award points based on a comparison of your performance rate to CMS benchmarks listed below. Reach the performance rate listed to achieve the corresponding points per measure. Points achieved for the Quality category will account for 45% of the overall MIPS score.

Below 3Decile 3Decile 4Decile 5Decile 6Decile 7Decile 8Decile 9Decile 10
Performance rate 1 patient 1.81-15.02 15.03-42.9 42.91-76.71 76.72-96.6 96.61-99.99 -- -- 100%
Points 3 points 3 - 3.9 4 - 4.9 5 - 5.9 6 - 6.9 7 - 7.9 8 - 8.9 9 - 9.9 10