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Running Your Dermatology Practice During COVID-19

Step 2: Clean your practice

It is important to properly prepare your clinic space to ensure you, your staff, and patients continue to remain healthy and safe while practicing.

  1. Clean and disinfect your entire practice according to World Health Organization (WHO) standards:

    1. 70% ethyl alcohol to disinfect small areas between uses, such as reusable dedicated equipment (for example, thermometers); OR

    2. Sodium hypochlorite at 0.5% (equivalent to 5000 ppm) for disinfecting surfaces; OR

    3. Any disinfectant products that meet the EPA’s criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2.

  2. The risk of COVID-19 transmission through contaminated surfaces is thought to be low. The benefits of thorough surface disinfecting in preventing COVID-19 transmission is uncertain. Using the WHO recommended standards above, consider wiping exam tabletops, countertops, exam beds/tables, doorknobs, and exam light buttons/handles between each patient during the clinic day for an extra margin of safety.

  3. Using the WHO recommended standards, wipe all common high-touch areas at the end of the day, including but not limited to:

    1. Exam room: exam tabletops, countertops, exam beds/tables, doorknobs, and exam light buttons/handles, chairs, and faucet handles.

    2. Bathroom: all bathroom surfaces, urine-sample pass through areas/trays, and toilets.

    3. Reception: all countertop surfaces and chairs.

    4. Offices: all surfaces and chairs.

    5. Lab, kitchen, and break room: all surfaces and countertops.

    6. Empty all trash cans.

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