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Running Your Dermatology Practice During COVID-19

Step 1: Understand your community’s COVID-19 prevalence

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, many dermatology practices are operating differently. These recommendations should help you keep your practice operating safely during the pandemic. Based on the CDC definition of COVID-19 risk exposure, most dermatology practices fit into the low risk category.

Additional guidance is available at:

Step 1: Understand your community’s rate of COVID-19 prevalence

Communities with greater prevalence will require more stringent procedures, while those with a lower incidence of COVID-19 may function in a different manner.

  1. Most states are allowing elective visits and procedures to proceed as vaccination rates increase and case numbers decline in COVID-19.

  2. Consult with your local and state public health department for local requirements. The AMA has developed a helpful chart (PDF download) summarizing each state’s directives on elective, non-urgent, or non-essential procedures.

  3. Have a plan in place for patients who appear with COVID-19 symptoms and may need testing. Consider finding testing locations in your area where you can recommend patients can go for testing, or refer the patient to their primary care physician. Consult the CDC’s guidance on COVID-19 testing.

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