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Reopening Your Dermatology Practice

Step 3: Set your patient schedule including telemedicine visits

The decision of which visits should be transitioned to telemedicine or need to be seen in person should be made by the treating dermatologist. Here are some guidelines to help you schedule patients:

  1. Consider priority scheduling for cases that required the most urgency during the time the practice was closed or limited to essential services only but could not be seen in person.

  2. Continue offering telemedicine (if waivers are still in effect) during downtime in your practice.

  3. Minimize in-person follow-up visits by using absorbable or buried sutures for surgical procedures. Consider doing teledermatology follow-up visits whenever practical.

  4. If you don’t offer online appointments, consider enrolling in an online platform so patients can schedule appointments in an easier manner and staff aren’t overwhelmed with phone calls from the pent-up demand.

  5. Let patients know of the steps your practice is taking to keep them safe at the office in your communications with them.

  6. Consider making your cancellation policy more flexible as patients may fear visiting practices during this time.

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