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Recommendations for dermatologists

The AAD has assembled resources on COVID-19, including guidance on how to adjust to the outbreak in your clinic.

What steps should I take to protect myself, my staff, and my patients?

How can I help more people get tested?

A shortage of viral transport medium (VTM) and nasopharyngeal swabs is contributing to the testing bottleneck. Dermatologists who have these supplies can consider donating them to local health departments, hospitals, or labs processing tests. The AAD has assembled a list of products to consider donating.

What guidance are other medical societies and organizations providing?

The AAD has assembled links to guidance from other specialty societies.

These links are provided as a resource; the AAD has not endorsed any organization's COVID-19 guidelines.

Patient education resources

Infographic: Coronavirus and your skin health (PDF download)

Additional COVID-19 clinical guidance resources

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