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Academy publications on COVID-19

Access Academy publications on COVID-19, including Dermatology World, Dialogues in Dermatology, and JAAD.

Dermatology World

Dermatology World highlighted member stories about how their practices were coping with the pandemic in 2020:

The magazine also provided guidance on legal considerations:

The magazine also highlighted the efforts of dermatologists to help out on the front lines, both in a September 2020 cover story and in numerous shorter articles:

Dermatology World Insights & Inquiries

Dr. Warren Heymann addressed the pandemic seven times in 2020, in a series called "The profound dermatological manifestations of COVID-19," on March 18, March 25, April 8, April 22, May 13, July 29, and Sept. 23.

Dr. David Wetter addressed “Working up pernio: How far should you dip your toe in the water?” on May 6.

Drs. Ashley Decker and Naomi Lawrence addressed “Reopening the dermatologic surgery office in the COVID-19 era” on May 20.

Dr. Christen Mowad addressed PPE-related skin issues on Aug. 5.

Dialogues in Dermatology

Dialogues in Dermatology released several free podcasts about COVID-19 in 2020:

  • “Navigating Practice During COVID-19: AAD Resources and Embracing Teledermatology”

  • "COVID-19 Series: What Are We Doing in the Dermatology Outpatient Department?”

  • "COVID-19 Series: COVID-19 Dermatology Roundtable"

  • "COVID-19 Series: Skin Signs of COVID-19 Infection"

  • "COVID-19 Series: UV Germicidal Irradiation as Possible Method for Respirator Disinfection during COVID-19 Pandemic"

All are available now.


JAAD has made its collection of more than 400 articles related to COVID-19, spanning JAAD, JAAD Case Reports, and JAAD International, available through open access.

JAAD International has posted two webinars on COVID-19 and the Skin; both are available on the JAAD International homepage.

Additional COVID-19 clinical guidance resources

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