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Industry non-CME sessions

Present the latest to the dermatology specialty at the AAD Annual Meeting

March 19-23, 2021
San Francisco, California

These evening programs provide an opportunity to showcase new therapies and innovations, present breaking data and research, and host AAD meeting participants in accordance with the standards set for industry by the FDA.

Important information regarding COVID-19

The Academy is continuing to plan for an in-person 2021 Annual Meeting. We are being as nimble and flexible as possible in our planning. The safety of meeting participants is first and foremost, and the AAD will arrange a meeting that meets or exceeds safety standards, including social distancing and other protective measures for safe conditions. The Academy continues to follow updates from California Governor Gavin Newsom’s office and the CDC.

Given the uncertainty of COVID-19 impact, the Academy is also planning for portions of the 2021 Annual Meeting to be held virtually. We will update this page as soon as more information becomes available.

To stay adaptable during these uncertain times, the Academy has extended traditional timelines to allow for local and federal updates for meetings of our size to maintain safety protocols. INC space is extremely limited and will be approved after the Annual Meeting INC application deadline of Friday, December 4, 2020.

Scheduling is based on detailed subject matter of each INC program. Please submit only one completed application per prospective sponsor. Thank you for considering this American Academy of Dermatology partnership opportunity.

  • Benefits of INC program sponsorship
  • INC program sponsorship guidelines
  • INC Sponsor Application Guidelines
    • The Industry Non-CME (INC) program provides an opportunity to reach the AAD Annual Meeting audience. The 2019 AAD Annual Meeting had 18,436 total participants with nearly 10,000 medical personnel in attendance. The 2020 AAD VMX virtual meeting had 3,919 registrants attend the launch.

    • All INC content is developed and delivered by the sponsor in compliance with FDA and OIG guidance and relevant laws.

    • The Academy will provide one complimentary pre-registration mailing list to the sponsor for one-time use in marketing their INC to AAD Annual Meeting registrants. Once the sponsor’s marketing materials are approved by the Academy, their complimentary mailing list will be available 4-6 weeks before the meeting.

    • The AAD will promote the INC program as a whole to Annual Meeting registrants and participants:

      • Website: INC program landing page on to promote the details of each INC.

      • E-Blasts: At least one AAD e-Blast and one Meeting News e-Preview. The e-Blasts will promote the INC program and direct meeting registrants to view INC details on its landing page.

      • Social Media: At least two AAD Tweets promoting the INC program including a link to its landing page.

      • Mobile App: An INC program question on the frequently-asked questions (FAQs) section of the app. This will direct meeting attendees to the INC landing page on

      • Signage: The INC program will be promoted on digital Meeting signage.

    • INC sponsorships are included in the organization’s total philanthropic commitment to the Academy for that calendar year. Learn more about partner benefits.

    • Industry Non-CME (INC) program sponsors must be exhibitors or have all INC staff registered as paid participants of the 2021 AAD Annual Meeting. Please note that only exhibitors have access to certain resources such as requesting additional space or scanners for registration.

    • INC programs at the AAD Annual Meeting will not qualify for CME credit and are independent of the official AAD meeting as planned by the Scientific Assembly Committee.

    • All INC content and registration information are under the control of the sponsor.

    • All INC marketing materials must clearly display AAD-provided disclaimers and receive AAD approval prior to distribution or display.

    • INC sponsors are responsible for all expenses associated with their program (except for the meeting room rental fee) including audio visual, food and beverage, set-up fees, etc. INC sponsors may be required to utilize service contractors identified by the AAD or assigned hotel.

    • INC sponsors’ post-program deliverables:

      • The AAD requires the sponsor to evaluate their individual INC program by having attendees complete their evaluation forms. INC sponsors are required to provide the AAD with a summary of the evaluation results within 30 days following the Annual Meeting.

      • INC follow-up materials listed in the sponsorship agreement (including completed AAD survey, sponsor’s evaluation summary, and copies of the sponsor’s on-site materials) are due within 30 days following the Annual Meeting.

    • Included in the INC program sponsorship (subject to change based on COVID-19 impact):

      • INC meeting space will be provided in hotels within the AAD Annual Meeting hotel block and will be approximately 3,000-6,000 square feet.

      • The default onsite registration time is 6:30 p.m. (PST) with the presentation time beginning at 7 p.m.

      • If INC speakers are also Annual Meeting session directors or speakers, they cannot repurpose a presentation on the same topic for the INC program.

      • INC sponsors may produce and display up to four informational/directional signs to direct participants to their assigned space no earlier than two hours prior to the start of their program. The informational/directional signs on easels are limited to 22”x 28” in size. The AAD-provided disclaimers must be included, and the signs must comply with all facility rules & guidelines.

      • INC sponsors are responsible for any advance and onsite registration for their program. Please note that only exhibiting INC sponsors are able to arrange scanners for registration.

    • Individual Industry Non-CME (INC) program sponsorship is currently ranging from $28,000 to $42,000. There is a $5,000 discount on two INC programs if the organization signs a sponsorship agreement for one INC at the 2021 Annual Meeting and one INC at the 2021 Innovation Academy.

    • Completed applications with detailed information on their INC program will be time stamped and submitted for approval. The approval process will begin after the application deadline of 12/04/2020.

    • Download the 2021 INC application (PDF download). Once complete, please email it to the Academy’s Community, Corporate & Philanthropic Relations Department at

    Download the application

    Download and complete the application to participate in INC sponsorship.

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