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Global Education Day

Global Educational Day of Dermatology at the 2020 AAD Annual Meeting is an opportunity for international societies who are member organizations of the International League of Dermatological Societies (ILDS) to hold an independent educational session the day before the official start of the AAD Annual Meeting on Thursday, March 19, 2020. These unique sessions provide international societies the opportunity to highlight their members’ work and network with fellow dermatologist from around the world.

These sessions may or may not be eligible for continuing medical education credit. Offering such is at the sole discretion of the sponsoring organization.

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Presentations by international societies

Name of Society  Contact for Registration   Information PDF    Society website Room      Session   Times  Session title

Egyptian Society of Aesthetic Dermatology (ESAD)
 Assem Farag,
 Egyptian   Aesthetic  N/A  403/404    1:00   p.m. to   3:00   p.m.  Challenging   Hair Cases:   Pearls and   Pitfalls 

Egyptian Women Dermatologic Society
 May el Samah,

 Egyptian   Women  401/402  10:00   a.m. to   12:00   p.m.  Common   Tropical   Skin   Diseases 

Ibero Latin American College of Dermatology
 Santiago G. Bellio,
 Not yet   provided  301/303  2:00   p.m. to   6:00   p.m.  TBD
International Dermoscopy Society  Aimilios Lallas,
 Dermoscopy  504/502  2:00   p.m. to   6:00   p.m.  
 Scientific   Update on   Dermoscopy   and Related   Topics
International Forum for the Study of Itch (IFSI)  Prof. Elke Weisshaar,
 Forum for   study of itch  401/402  2:00   p.m. to   6:00   p.m.
 The   Challenging   World of   Pruritus and   Prurigo
International Peeling Society  Katherine Duerdoth,
 Peeling  405/407  2:00   p.m. to   6:00   p.m.
International   Peeling   Society   (IPS):   Chemical   Peeling   Around the   World
International Psoriasis Council  Amanda Bledsoe,

 Psoriasis   Council   
Mile   High   Ballroom   4D/4C
 2:00   p.m. to   6:00   p.m.  TBD
Polish Dermatological  Society  Lidia Rudnicka & Aleksandra Wielgoś,

Mile   High   Ballroom   4A/4C
 4:00   p.m. to   6:00   p.m.  Polish   Dermatology   and Guests
Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Vernereology  Carmen Dominguez,
 Spanish   Academy  403/404  4:00   p.m. to   6:00   p.m.
AEDV   (Spanish   Academy of   Dermatology   and   Vernereology)   Symposium   at AAD   Congress