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2022 Annual Meeting: Resident Jeopardy

Test your dermatologic knowledge in an exciting game show format!

Represent your institution and join us for Resident Jeopardy at the 2022 AAD Annual Meeting. This dynamic, fast-paced take on the classic television show, "Jeopardy", presents challenging self-assessment trivia where teams compete to test their knowledge of dermatology! The session is open to all Annual Meeting attendees. Audience members can attend and self-assess. Everyone has fun!


Resident Jeopardy (Symposium S049)
Sunday, March 27, 2022
1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. (Participants should plan to be present for the entire session.)

Sign-up a team!

Sign-up and compete to test your dermatologic knowledge. Be sure to include your team information (see example below) within your email message. Submission deadline is February 28, 2022. Email notifications will be sent to the teams in early March.

Sign-up today!

Eligibility requirements

  1. Residents are required for participation. Provide your year of training and email address.

  2. You must register for the AAD Annual Meeting to be eligible to participate in the Resident Jeopardy session. If you do not plan to attend the Annual Meeting, please do not sign-up.

  3. Create a team name. Have fun with it!

  4. Provide the names of the two residents (same institution) as contestants:

    1. Institution

    2. Include year of training

    3. Email address

    4. Phone number where you can be easily reached – cell works best

  5. Provide an interesting/fun fact or two about your team and/or individual resident – be creative:

    1. scariest thing you’ve ever done

    2. most embarrassing moment

    3. favorite childhood memory

    4. what’s on your bucket list

    5. hidden talent (back flip, talk like Elmo?)

    6. guilty pleasure (cookie dough?)

    7. biggest fear (being on a game show?)

    8. favorite food, place, person (Taylor Swift?)

Participant 1:
Team name: Team Lobomycosis
Jimmy Johns, Hitchcock Medical Center, PGY-2,, cell- 555-555-5555
I once watched a Netflix series for 24 hours straight without sleep while devouring 3 large pizzas.

Participant 2:
Team name: Team Lobomycosis
Justin Thyme, Hitchcock Medical Center, PGy-3,, cell 666-666-6666
I can name all 50 states in alphabetical order in 64 seconds.


Each teammate of the winning team will receive a $15 Amazon gift card, trophy, and bragging rights for one year.