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What’s new in vitiligo? Plenty, actually

Headshot of Dr. Desai
Seemal R. Desai, MD
The many adverse effects of vitiligo can be both mentally and physically challenging for patients. Seemal R. Desai, MD, will take on the onerous aspects of this condition and look for ways for dermatologists to respond when he presents “What’s New in Vitiligo” as part of the Therapeutic Hotline section of the AAD’s VMX.

“This disease is one that does not discriminate, and one that really epitomizes why skin disease can truly affect one’s physical, social, and emotional well-being,” said Dr. Desai.

“I think attendees need to know that in many parts of the world, even today in the 21st century, vitiligo still represents a huge stigma for the sufferer and those in their family for example. We need to take into account the whole patient when treating vitiligo, and really evaluate the psychological impact of vitiligo.”

Dr. Desai said he will be talking about newer technologies that are being studied for vitiligo, especially the JAK inhibitors. “I am excited about some of the oral and topical advances we have made in vitiligo treatment and therapy,” he said.

He will also talk about how to stabilize active disease for those patients whose vitiligo is spreading rapidly. “In this session, we tie in practical clinical pearls alongside the personal aspects of what can be a challenging disease for patient and for clinician.”

“What I really want attendees to know is that there is hope for our patients with vitiligo,” Dr. Desai said.

Seemal R. Desai MD, is a member of the AAD Board of Directors; immediate past president, Skin of Color Society; founder and medical director of Innovative Dermatology; and is also a clinical assistant professor in the department of dermatology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

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