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VMX 2021: AAD Talent Show

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Share your creativity and talents with your colleagues during AAD VMX!

Examples of what you could share:

  • Musical or vocal talent

  • Painting or pottery

  • Juggling skills

  • Card or magic tricks

  • Cooking/baking demonstration

  • Floral arrangements

  • Your pet’s tricks

  • Comedy

  • Dancing

  • And more!

Submissions for the AAD Talent Show are being accepted until April 9!

How to enter

Record a video of your talent, keep your video short, no more than 3-5 minutes, then email your recording to the AAD at

By submitting your talent, you can earn points on the AAD Xtreme VMX leader board. At the close of the meeting the top point earners will receive prizes. See official rules and regulations for the AAD Xtreme VMX leader board.

Talent show rules & regulations (PDF)