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VMX Plenary goes to the movies

The AAD’s VMX Plenary will be an enlightening, extraordinary, visual event. For this special virtual occasion, the AAD will present five high-definition film presentations from experienced speakers.

Immediate-Past President George Hruza, MD, MBA, will talk about the achievements and challenges in the past year, including his memorable time at Camp Discovery, creating a nimbler Academy, and facing a difficult and unpredictable pandemic. “I’m reminded time and again of the importance of our Academy and the need to keep it vital and strong into the future,” Dr. Hruza said.

Bruce H. Thiers, MD, will make his first major address to members as Academy president.
Bruce H. Thiers, MD, will make his first major address to members as president of the Academy. Starting with his colorful upbringing in Brooklyn, New York, Dr. Thiers take us from his humble beginnings as a taxi driver to his illustrious career in medicine and dermatology. As Dr. Thiers looks to the future of the Academy, he will echo and expand on the sentiments of Ben Franklin, “out of adversity comes opportunity,” as he outlines an effective strategy for the Academy’s future.

Plenary will also feature a keynote speaker address by Larry Sabato, PhD. A professor of politics at the University of Virginia and founder and head of its Center for Politics, Sabato is known for his “Crystal Ball” electoral analysis, and will offer predictions about what Americans can expect in the coming political year. “Many people see the deep polarization in Washington and elsewhere and think that politics is broken,” Sabato has said. “But I firmly believe that politics can, and should, be a force for good, and perhaps the best way to effect change in our society.”

“Derm Tales” has become a popular inclusion to the AAD Plenary repertoire, and the AAD VMX will offer two heartfelt talks from speakers.

In “Jane Goes to the Dentist,” Mary E. Maloney, MD, will relate some of the important life lessons she gained from her sister. It’s a loving portrait that can be applied to anyone seeking insight and inspiration about patient care. “This is the story of a courageous woman with chronic illness. It’s about disability, and empathy (or the lack thereof). I learned many things from my sister, but the best lesson was about empathy and grace.”

Susan Boiko, MD, will look at the physicians’ relationship with patients from another unique perspective in her Derm Tales presentation “Flowers Every Month.”

“Over 20 years ago I had to give bad news to an older man with a deep melanoma,” Dr. Boiko said. “Caring for him, I not only learned what little could be done medically, but also learned the healing power of the doctor patient relationship, especially when the patient becomes the teacher. The next time you get flowers from a patient, I hope you will remember my story.”

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