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Residents can conquer all, including the boards

Headshot of Jennifer Lucas, MD
Jennifer Lucas, MD
The AAD VMX will have a comprehensive section devoted to residents, including a live, online version of “Conquer the Boards!” This Certification Exam Prep Course is a hands-on experience where attendees take a simulated, shortened version of the American Board of Dermatology certification exam. Attendees will be able to increase their comfort with the exam format while practicing time management and identifying areas of weakness in their knowledge base.

The practice exam will consist of two sections: virtual dermatopathology and a written multiple-choice exam which will incorporate images. Following this, expert faculty will review the answers of the exam, providing high-yield information for the certification exam.

Residents attending this course should walk away with a better understanding of the pace and structure of the exam. According to Jennifer Lucas, MD, who will be directing the session:

“Residents who have taken the course prior to their certification exam have shared that it was very helpful in terms of focusing their studying, experiencing the ‘pressure’ of an exam, and getting more familiar with type of questions they had to answer.”

“We all know that practice is essential,” she added, “so join us, and let us help you prepare to pass your exams.”

Residents can also look forward to taking the new “Resident Challenge,” and can avail themselves of four sections covering basic self-assessment of dermatopathology. And while the world is still social distancing, residents don’t need to curtail their socializing and networking. Check out the Job Board and connect with people you want to know better at the Resident Networking sections of the new AAD VMX.

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