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Core Curriculum offers tools to develop valuable dermatologic education

The Academy recently launched an enhanced version of its Core Curriculum as a component of the Academy’s new Learning Center.

What is the Core Curriculum?

The Core Curriculum provides an organized list of everything a practicing dermatologist needs to know, both clinical and non-clinical, to provide optimal dermatologic care to patients. It identifies learning objectives for dermatologists for every topic it includes.

How can I use the Core Curriculum?

Those who develop educational sessions and materials can use the learning objectives provided in the Core Curriculum to help guide their work and ensure they thoroughly cover a given topic. Practicing dermatologists can use the Core Curriculum to help identify gaps in their knowledge so they can seek education on those topics.

Who created the Core Curriculum?

The Core Curriculum was developed by the AAD’s Curriculum Task Force and peer reviewed by members of the AAD’s Education Research Committee.

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See the Academy's new and improved Core Curriculum, with the education you need as a practicing dermatologist.

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