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Skin disease education cards request form

Laminated skin disease cards have been developed to assist AAD members involved in the training of non-dermatologists — physicians and non-physicians — in skin diseases in underserved areas of the world. The cards provide brief summaries and representative photographs of common skin disorders throughout the world. They include information about clinical features, transmission, complications, and treatments of these diseases. 

If you are interested in receiving AAD skin disease education cards, please complete the form below. The criteria for receiving the education cards include:

  • Involvement in teaching activities for health care workers at all levels to improve their diagnostic and therapeutic skills.

  • Location in a developing country as defined by the World Bank.

  • A guarantee to provide the cards at n

    o cost to student participants.

  • A guarantee that the cards will be shared with local educators and will not be utilized for private use.

  • A guarantee that the recipient teaching center/facility has the resources to utilize and protect the cards.

  • A guarantee that the cards will not be reproduced without the expressed, written permission of the AAD and/or authors.

If you have questions, please email Any feedback on these cards and their usefulness as well as suggestions for future topics would be appreciated. We would also appreciate receiving digital photos of volunteer activities for use in Academy promotional materials. The cards are written, edited, printed, and funded by the Education and Volunteers Abroad Committee.

Please allow two to six weeks for processing your request and for shipping of materials.

Fill out my online form.