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2022 Legislative Conference: Capitol Hill meetings

2022 AADA Legislative Conference hero image

The AADA schedules all Capitol Hill meetings for attendees. We use your home and office addresses to determine who your members of Congress are and then contact their offices to schedule meetings for you. Before meeting with your members of Congress and their staffers, the AADA will provide you with specific information about legislative priorities, talking points, and other resources.

On the final day of the conference, attendees will meet with their members of Congress with a small group of attendees from their home state. Capitol Hill meetings are scheduled by an outside consultant and schedules for those meetings will not be available until the week before the meeting via a mobile tool. Schedules will be emailed to attendees, these emails will contain login information for the mobile tool.

Understanding that flights will be booked in advance, we encourage attendees to book their flight departing Washington after 4 p.m. (EDT) on Tuesday, September 20, to provide the greatest opportunity and flexibility to schedule meetings on Capitol Hill. If for some reason your flight is scheduled before a meeting on Tuesday, our consultants will do their best to reschedule, but cannot guarantee changes.

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