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2023 Legislative Conference: Overview of asks

2023 AADA Legislative Conference hero image

Our asks

AADA members became dermatologists for the joy of making a difference in patients’ lives. But dwindling payments and administrative burdens on our practices are eroding our ability to focus on patients, driving burnout among physicians generally, and threatening our ability to practice.

At the legislative conference you will help advance the AADA's goals on two of our top priorities:

  • Medicare Physician Payment: Physicians are again facing cuts in 2024. Congress must act to restore the health of the Medicare program and protect seniors’ access to care! We are asking Congress to:

    • establish a positive annual inflation adjustment;
    • eliminate budget neutrality requirements; and
    • remove overly burdensome documentation and compliance activity.

  • Administrative burdens: Help fight administrative policies that take health care decisions away from patients and physicians and delay relief for suffering patients.

You will receive information and background materials on our legislative asks prior to the meeting. Additionally, you will learn more about these issues and our messages at the conference.

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