Invite elected officials to your practice

Inviting your local legislator to visit your practice is a great way to get to know your legislator and share with them firsthand who you are, what you do, and to tell them about your patients. It’s equally an opportunity to hear from them and respond to any questions they have about dermatology and the services you provide.

The goal of the visit is to establish a rapport and familiarity with the legislator so that the legislator knows you are a resource for future questions that arise regarding dermatology and which may affect the patients (their constituents) you treat.


  1. Contact AADA staff to express interest in setting up a site visit at

  2. Identify your federal (U.S. Senate or House) or state lawmaker through the Advocacy Action Center.

  3. Find a date that works for the visit:

  4. Send a formal invitation to the lawmaker’s scheduler at least three to four weeks in advance of the proposed visit date.

  5. Email Template

    Dear (insert name),

    I am writing to invite you to visit and tour my dermatology medical practice in (insert town/city). As legislators increasingly play a role in shaping health care policy that impacts patient access to care, I welcome the opportunity to discuss with you some of the challenges and opportunities physicians face in treating their patients.

    My staff and I are available to meet with you on (suggest a few dates). If those dates do not work for you, I am happy to discuss other options with your staff. I can be reached at (insert phone number) or at (insert email).


    (insert your name)

  6. About a week later, follow-up your written invitation with a phone call.

  7. Phone Call Talking Points Template

    • Hello my name is (insert name).
    • I’m a practicing dermatologist in (insert town/city)
    • I’m following up on a written invitation I sent to (insert name of elected official) inviting him/her to my office for a site visit to discuss health care policy and patient access to care.
    • I would like to schedule an opportunity for (insert name of elected official) to visit my office in the next 3 to 4 weeks.
    • Do you have any availability?
      • If they need time to check on the schedule, give them your name, email and phone number.
      • Be flexible. If they are unable to meet on the date(s) you suggested, discuss other options with them.
    • Ask them if there is any required paperwork you need to submit for the visit.
    • Thank you for your time and I look forward to hosting (insert name of elected official) at my medical office.

  8. Draft an agenda for the visit and share the agenda with the scheduler of the elected official. Include contact information. AADA Staff can help develop an agenda and provide background materials.

  9. Identify policy or regulation issues you would like to discuss with the elected official. Visit the Advocacy Resource Center to obtain the latest information on issues impacting the specialty.

  10. Review advocacy information before the office visit and lay out a plan to reinforce the legislative or regulatory ask.

  11. Follow-up a week before the visit to re-confirm the details.

The Visit

  1. Be sure all employees are briefed on what to expect.
  2. Share your concerns with your elected official. Utilize the handouts, if available, that AADA staff provide you on the policy or regulatory issue.
  3. Get to the point. Don’t take too long to make your pitch. Tell them who you represent, the number of employees you have, what your primary concerns are, and how and why these concerns are related to a certain piece of legislation or regulatory requirement.
  4. Double check your facts and figures. Make sure that you are presenting accurate information.
  5. Thank your elected official for specific votes and efforts where they have supported AADA’s legislative agenda.
  6. Take a photo with the elected official and your staff. Please share with AADA staff.

The Follow-up

  1. Thank your elected official for the visit.

  2. Thank You Note Template

    Send by email or regular mail

    Dear (insert name),

    Thank you for taking the time to visit my medical office in (insert location).

    As a constituent I appreciated the opportunity to tell you about my profession and the impact health care policy has on patient access to care. It was an honor to host you.

    (Insert main points from the meeting as a way to reiterate your position.)

    Please do not hesitate to contact me at (insert phone or email) if you have any further questions regarding (insert legislation or regulation name). I welcome the opportunity to serve as a resource for you on these important issues.


    (insert name)


  3. Follow-up with AADA staff. Share any action items resulting from the visit with AADA’s Advocacy and Policy team and be sure fill out our Feed Back Form.
  4. Send any local media coverage to AADA staff