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2020 press releases

American Academy of Dermatology comments on follow-up study on absorption of sunscreen ingredients

2019 press releases

How to break a sweat without causing acne

Philadelphia dermatologist recognized for providing free care for uninsured patients

Medical College of Georgia Physician honored for care of family with rare genetic condition

Makeup tips for acne-prone skin

Agape Center dermatologist recognized for providing free, multidisciplinary care

Michigan dermatologists recognized for oncology collaboration, help patient avoid unneeded chemotherapy

Norfolk dermatologist recognized for increasing accessibility for patients

Dermatologists address responsible opioid prescribing practices in new guidelines

American Academy of Dermatology releases first-ever guidelines for pediatric psoriasis treatment

Elizabeth K. Usher named Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer of AAD/A

American Academy of Dermatology unveils new and improved website

6 skin care tips that dermatologists use themselves

Nearly $40,000 raised for skin cancer prevention and detection through “Skin Cancer, Take a Hike!™”

How to treat eczema in babies

Pediatric dermatologist who co-founded camp for children recognized for care

Wisconsin physicians honored for cross-specialty collaboration to advance skin cancer treatment

Need a clean slate? How to care for your skin after tattoo removal

Itchy scalp? How to find head lice early

Reducing skin-related side effects of targeted cancer therapies

Research suggests hyperhidrosis is widespread, but patients are not seeking treatment

Untangling hair loss in women

Spike in female skin cancer rates reveals alarming tanning trends

Chicago physicians honored for teamwork by American Academy of Dermatology

How to bathe a newborn: tips from dermatologists

Dermatologists share skin care tips for people with vitiligo

Ahead of Memorial Day, the American Academy of Dermatology reminds Americans to use protection

The American Academy of Dermatology statement on the safety of sunscreen

Boston doctors honored for pediatric cancer teamwork

During skin cancer awareness month, dermatologists share 5 common sunscreen mistakes — and how to avoid them

Dermatologists say sunscreen is a vital tool in the fight against skin cancer, the most common cancer in the U.S.

American Academy of Dermatology comments on recent study on absorption of sunscreen ingredients

“Do you use protection?” American Academy of Dermatology study finds half of Americans are not protecting themselves against sun damage

American Academy of Dermatology elects new officers, board members

Dermatologist brings needed specialty care to the Mississippi Delta

Gardening this spring? Dermatologists share tips to prevent skin problems

8 tips to help prevent rosacea flare-ups

Research demonstrates potential of platelet-rich plasma therapy for hair loss

Tattoo complications may warrant a trip to the doctor

Research suggests connection between excessive sweating and mental health conditions

Study indicates isotretinoin is not an independent risk factor for depression

Artificial intelligence shows promise for skin cancer detection

As floodwaters rise, so do dermatologic conditions

American Academy of Dermatology to install new officers and board members

American Academy of Dermatology Association comments on FDA proposed sunscreen rule

Philadelphia physicians honored for teamwork

Two new psoriasis guidelines address comorbidities, biologic treatment

How to trim your nails

How to prevent common skin infections at the gym

2018 press releases

How to clean your makeup brushes

Hair today, gone tomorrow: Dermatologists debunk common misconceptions about laser hair removal

Dermatologists urge consumers to treat acne early

American Academy of Dermatology releases guidelines for melanoma treatment

More than $41,000 raised for skin cancer prevention and detection through “Skin Cancer, Take a Hike!™ - Chicago”

How to use bleach baths to help manage eczema flares

How to treat deep, painful pimples

Dermatologists’ tips for applying scalp medications

When it comes to skin health, does diet make a difference?

Organ transplant patients have increased skin cancer risk

People with skin of color face unique dermatologic concerns

Early detection essential for nail melanoma

Research shows free skin cancer screenings can help save lives

Dermatologists, skin cancer survivors tell “Skin cancer, take a hike!”

How to treat minor cuts

New Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology paper highlights research into certain sunscreen ingredients

How to use stick and spray sunscreens

American Academy of Dermatology PSA highlights dangers of tanning

Research shows increased skin cancer risk among U.S. military members

American Academy of Dermatology Association statement on sunscreen access

American Academy of Dermatology provides tips for skin self-exams

Study: Men with nonmelanoma skin cancer history less likely to die of melanoma

Bee prepared: how to treat a bee sting

American Academy of Dermatology elects 2018 new officers, board members

AADA responds to USPSTF recommendation on skin cancer prevention counseling

How to Control Oily Skin

Microneedling: experienced hands can improve the face

Research sheds light on parents’ views of indoor tanning

Cosmetic treatment from unqualified providers may result in complications

Public, researchers demonstrate growing interest in cannabis treatment

Study shows increasing incidence of rare skin cancer

Shot may help shield against shingles

Tips for men: how to shave

American Academy of Dermatology issues new guidelines for treatment of nonmelanoma skin cancer

5 ways to use petroleum jelly for skin care

2017 press releases

How to care for children with chickenpox

What to do if you get scabies

Dermatologists offer unmatched expertise on skin health

American Academy of Dermatology responds to JAMA Dermatology article on industry payments to guidelines authors

How to treat a first-degree, minor burn

How to remove a tick and prevent future bites

Study: Most melanomas don't arise from existing moles

Is it ringworm? Signs and symptoms

Dermatologists can learn new tricks from old dogs

To detect skin cancer early, be alert for any suspicious spots

Accurate diagnosis should be first step in treating nail fungus

Choose a qualified health care provider for dermatologic procedure

Atopic dermatitis affects all ages

JAAD ranks No. 1 among dermatology journals

How people of color can prevent and detect skin cancer

American Academy of Dermatology helps swimmers stay safe in the summer sun

Infant sun protection: How parents can keep their baby safe

Research highlights common sunscreen mistakes

Shade structures provide needed sun protection for North Little Rock soccer spectators

Research shows female partners can help facilitate early melanoma detection in men over 50

Study: Alcohol consumption increases rosacea risk in women

Medical groups unite in support of science

Tips to prevent and treat bug bites

Six ways to prevent toenail fungus

Take precautions against pesky plants, insect

Attitude, lifestyle may contribute to skin cancer risk among latinos

New research highlights importance of melanoma prevention, early detection

New treatment option shows promise for skin and hair conditions

Learn the language of skin care labels

Slow the signs of aging with sun protection

New study shows significant economic burden of skin disease in the United States

Don’t let hand rashes ruin your winter

Itchy skin? Dermatologists share tips for relief