Award winners

2011 Gold Triangle Award winners

Category: Health community organization

National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention

  • Don't Fry Day 2010

National Psoriasis Foundation

  • "Got Psoriasis?" feature series

SHADE Foundation of America

  • Window to the World of Skin Cancer

The Skin Cancer Foundation

  • Understanding Melanoma Handbook, Fourth Edition
  • Team SCF Public Service Advertising Campaign

US Environmental Protection Agency

  • U.S. EPA's SunWise Online Sun Safety Certification Program

Women's Dermatologic Society

  • Women's Dermatologic Society "Play Safe in the Sun" Campaign

Category: Industry

Integrative Logic/Galderma

  • RosaceaFacts website

Shady Day Inc.

  • "Sunscreen Made Simple"

The Reilly Group Communications, Inc./Upsher-Smith Laboratories, Inc.

  •, the website devoted to soft, silky skin

Category: Media

Allure magazine

  • "Sun Haze"
  • "Your Mother Was Right"
  • "Look Younger Now: Skin Truths"


  • "Little Mistakes That Harm Your Skin"
  • "Special Two-Part Report: "A Death By Suntan at Age 26" and
  • "Scary Truths Tanning Salons Deny"

Dermatology Times

  • "Debating 'D’"


  • "Doctor’s Orders: Wrinkle Cures"

Family Circle

  • "7 Surprising Skin Cancer Risks"

FITNESS magazine

  • "Healthy Skin Special 2010"


  • "Your Skin This Summer: What's Normal, What's Not"


  • "Sun-Proof Your Skin from A to Z"

Ladies' Home Journal

  • "Say No to Skin Cancer"

Marie Claire

  • "Red in the Face"
  • "Retinoid Smackdown"

NewBeauty magazine

  • "Rosacea: The Cause of Red Skin"
  • "Stop the Spots: The Secret to Eliminating Hyperpigmentation"
  • "Retinol: The Secret to Perfect Skin"

Redbook/Hearst Magazines

  • "The Summer Skin-care switch"


  • "The Skin Commandments"
  • "Clear Skin Guaranteed"
  • "What's Your Skin Cancer Fate?/Confessions of a Tanaholic"


  • "Clear Up Acne for Good"
  • "I Got Skin Cancer at 27"

Sirius XM Satellite Radio and the NYU Langone Medical Center

  • "The Dermatology Show"

Teen Vogue/Conde Nast

  • "Skin Deep"
  • "Burn Notice: The Dangers of Indoor Tanning"

Women's Health magazine

  • "Secrets of the Skin Doctors"