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Booth space at AAD Annual Meeting in Denver is sold out. If you'd like to be added to the exhibitor wait list, please follow the directions below.

If you require a receipt of delivery, please use signature guarantee or Express Mail service. The application contains your credit card information. DO NOT FAX OR EMAIL.

Your application will be added to the wait list in the order in which it is received. Your credit card will be charged only in the event that a booth becomes available with your approval. Please do not call or email Academy staff regarding the status of your application. Staff will contact you if space becomes available (see procedures listed below).

IMPORTANT: In the event a booth is cancelled between now and March 1, 2014 and you are next on the wait list the following steps will be taken:

  • AAD staff will call and email the primary contact
  • If the contact does not answer, a voicemail or message will be left
  • You will have 24 hours to respond and accept or decline the booth
  • You will be called regardless of the available booth size
  • If you decline the booth, you forfeit your position on the waitlist and we will move onto the next company on the wait list.

First Time Exhibitors

An applicant who did not exhibit in 2013 must complete the review process only if there has been a material change in circumstances relating to its company (e.g., a change in ownership, control, or legal status) or in the nature, name, composition, products, labeling, or regulatory status of the products and services to be exhibited.

The materials required for review are the following:
  • Company profile. The information should include a copy of the company‚Äôs filed Articles of Incorporation or W9, company history, mission statement, management team bios, and advisory/board of directors listing if applicable
  • The products and/or services the company plans to exhibit (i.e. product brochures or literature)
  • Documentation of FDA filing status (if applicable)
  • Exhibitors must disclose details on any consumer or government litigation, orders, injunctions, judgments or settlements over the last three years regarding the business practices of the company or the products and services to be exhibited. Companies with multiple complaints filed against them with state or federal consumer affairs regulatory agencies, the Better Business Bureau, or Academy members may be required to provide an explanation of the resolution of those complaints.

Exhibitors shall not exhibit any products or services other than those included in their Space Application/ Contract or approved in writing by the Academy.

Successfully completing the Exhibit Review Process does not guarantee that you will be assigned booth space. The Academy meetings consistently sell out of exhibit space and maintain waiting lists. Academy exhibit space is assigned in priority point order to all exhibitors that have a history of exhibiting at the Academy meetings.

Even where an exhibitor meets the basic criteria described above, the Academy still reserves the right to deny any request to exhibit based on space limitations, safety concerns, failure to comply with these procedures or requirements, past inappropriate conduct by the applicant (including but not limited to failure to comply with Academy exhibitor rules and regulations), or a reasonable determination of ineligibility by Academy Assistant Secretary-Treasurer.

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