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Giveaways and Promotional Items

The Academy requests compliance with all applicable industry, state and federal regulatory and governmental agency guidelines (AMA, PhRMA, OIG, FDA, FCC, FTC, AdvaMed, etc...).

Acceptable giveaways should primarily entail a benefit to patients, be related to the physicians work, and should not be of substantial value. Giveaways may only be distributed from the exhibitor's booth, and may not be mailed to attendees after the meeting or delivered to outside locations during the meeting.

The Academy, in its sole discretion, shall have the right to prohibit the distribution of any samples it deems objectionable or otherwise inappropriate.

I/We intend to distribute the following product sample/patient educational products:

Main Contact:
Item Description:

Please note: Bags used for product distribution or as giveaway items may not exceed 18" in width.
You will only be contacted if there is an issue with your submission.