Quality measures for 2014

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There are five dermatology-specific measures that dermatologists can report on for the 2014 program year. A provider is eligible to earn an incentive of 0.5 percent of total allowed Part B charges to CMS if he or she reports on at least nine measures via electronic registry. This provider will also avoid a 2.0 percent payment reduction in 2016. To reach the nine measure threshold, one may apply other measures — not specific to dermatology ? that are still applicable to their practices. The AAD has developed a list of other measures that dermatologists will be able to report on through a qualified registry. One can also avoid the payment reduction, but not earn the incentive, if he or she reports at least three measures. The dermatology-specific measures are as follows:

Quality measure
Melanoma: Continuity of Care Recall System (Measure #137) Percentage of patients, regardless of age, with a current diagnosis of melanoma or a history of melanoma whose information was entered at least once within a 12-month period into a recall system that includes:
  • A target date for the next complete physical skin exam, AND
  • A process to follow up with patients who either did not make an appointment within the specified time frame or who missed a scheduled appointment.
Melanoma: Coordination of Care (Measure #138): Percentage of patient visits, regardless of patient age, with a new occurrence of melanoma. They must have a treatment plan documented in the chart that was communicated to the physician(s) providing continuing care within one month of diagnosis.
Melanoma: Overutilization of Imaging Melanoma (Measure #224): Percentage of patients regardless of age, with a current diagnosis of stage 0 through IIC melanoma, or a history of melanoma of any stage, without signs or symptoms suggesting systemic spread, seen for an office visit during the one-year measurement period, for whom no diagnostic imaging studies were ordered.
Biopsy Follow-Up (Measure #265) Percentage of new patients whose biopsy results have been reviewed and communicated to the primary care/referring physician and patient by the performing physician. To satisfy this measure, the biopsying physician must review the biopsy results with the patient, communicate those results to the primary care/referring physician, track communication in a log, and document the tracking process in the patient’s medical record. This measure applies to all patients who undergo a biopsy, regardless of diagnosis.
Tuberculosis Prevention for Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis Patients on a Biological Immune Response Modifier (Measure #337)
Percentage of patients whose providers are ensuring active tuberculosis prevention either through yearly negative standard tuberculosis screening tests or are reviewing the patient’s history to determine if they have had appropriate management for a recent or prior positive test.

Measures 137, 138, 224, and 265, will all continue from the 2013 program.

 Measures must be reported through a qualified electronic registry, such as the AAD Quality Reporting System.

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