Newborn skin disease: birthmarks


The purpose of this module is to help medical students develop a clinical approach to the evaluation and initial management of common birthmarks in newborns.

By completing this module, the learner will be able to:

  • Identify which birthmarks require diagnostic workup or intervention.
  • Understand the clinical presentation and natural history of birthmarks, including nevus sebaceous, aplasia cutis, congenital melanocytic nevi and dermal melanocytosis. 
  •  Understand potential complications of congenital melanocytic nevi.

The AAD has partnered with the Society of Pediatric Dermatology (SPD) to produce a series of pediatric dermatology-specific modules for the AAD's Basic Dermatology Curriculum (BDC).  The topics for these modules were selected by pediatric dermatologists as topics not currently addressed within the BDC.

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