Honorary membership

The award recognizes a member of the Academy who has advanced the profession through leadership and service that affirms an uncommon and sustained dedication to dermatology.

The general membership should be informed at least annually through Academy publications and/or announcements that nominations for honorary membership may be submitted by any member of the AAD to the secretary/treasurer on an official nomination form at least six months before the next annual membership meeting of the Academy, provided that the board of directors may waive or alter this notice requirement in exceptional circumstances.

The person(s) nominating a potential honoree should submit a brief biography, including accomplishments and reasons for granting honorary membership.

Meritorious achievement: Leadership and service that affirms an uncommon and sustained dedication to dermatology in the goals of the Academy are of primary consideration. In most cases, the honorary membership is bestowed as recognition for a lifetime of dedication and distinguished service.

Age: There is no set age. In most cases, those who have experienced a meritorious career will be in the senior age group, but it is possible that an exception might occur, so it is preferred not to state an absolute figure. In most cases, individuals selected are 65 years of age or older.

Academy office: Having previously held a prominent office in the Academy is not a determining factor. The honorary membership should be bestowed upon individuals on behalf of the field of dermatology, and should not necessarily be based on one's involvement with the AAD.

The decision for granting honorary membership rests with the board of directors. The board must have the freedom to respond on the basis of each individual candidate's merits.


Honorary members


2015 Honorary Membership

Howard P. Baden, MD, FAAD
Louis L. Barich, MD
Paul R. Bergstresser, MD, FAAD
Michael E. Bigby, MD, FAAD
Boni E. Elewski, MD, FAAD
Lawrence M. Field, MD, FAAD
Z. Charles Fixler, MD, FAAD
Smith H. Gibson, MD, FAAD
Charles L. Heaton, MD, FAAD
Carl A. Johnson, MD, FAAD
Howard K. Koh, MD, MPH
Anne W. Lucky, MD, FAAD
James J. Nordlund, MD, FAAD
Henry H. Roenigk, Jr., MD, FAAD
Michael D. Tharp, MD, FAAD
Robert E. Tigelaar, MD, FAAD


2014 Honorary Membership

Jeffrey D. Bernhard, MD
Jeffrey P. Callen, MD
William A. Caro, MD
Hong-Duo Chen, MD
Vincent A. DeLeo, MD
James O. Ertle, MD
Antoinette F. Hood, MD
Charles W. Lewis, MD
Oliver F. Miller, III MD
David M. Pariser, MD
Stuart J. Salasche, MD
John R. Stanley, MD
Bruce H. Thiers, MD

2013 Honorary Membership

Darryl M. Bronson, MD*
James A. Zalla, MD
Arthur C. Huntley, MD
Robert J. G. Chalmers, MBBS
Amanda M. M. Oakley, MBChB
June K. Robinson, MD
David L. McCaffree, MD
Stuart M. Brown, MD
John C. Maize Sr., MD
James S. Taylor , MD
Arnold L. Schroeter, MD
Leonard Goldberg, MD




Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h.c. Thomas Ruzicka
Lenore Setsuko (Uyeyama) Kakita, MD, FAAD
Bruce A. Deitchman, MD, FAAD
Roger I. Ceilley, MD, FAAD







Paul R. Gross, MD, FAAD
Robert Jackson, MD, FAAD
Elizabeth I. McBurney, MD, FAAD
Vera H. Price, MD, FAAD
Stephen I. Katz, MD, PhD, FAAD
Charles J. McDonald, MD, FAAD
Martin M. Black, MD




Gerd Plewig, MD
Jean D.A. Carruthers, MD


Lynn D. Drake, MD
James D. Maberry, MD
Ronald G. Wheeland, MD
Arthur L. Norins, MD
E. Dorinda Shelley, MD
Darrell S. Rigel, MD


Marie-Louise Johnson, MD
Walter G. Larsen, MD
Jerome Z. Litt, MD
Lawrence A. Norton, MD
W. Mitchell Sams Jr., MD
Beverly B. Sanders Jr., MD
Alan R. Shalita, MD
Frances J. Storrs, MD


A. Bernard Ackerman, MD
Wilma F. Bergfeld, MD
Marshall L. Blankenship, MD
Nancy B. Esterly, MD
Roy S. Rogers III, MD
Stephen B. Webster, MD


Fred F. Castrow II, MD
George W. Hambrick Jr., MD
Coleman Jacobson, MD


Rex A. Amonette, MD
David R. Bickers, MD
Robert A. Briggaman, MD
Irwin M. Freedberg, MD*
Gloria F. Graham, MD
Richard B. Odom, MD
Richard K. Scher, MD


Mark A. Everett, MD*
Samuel L. Moschella, MD
Paul S. Russell, MD


Stephen W. Clark
John H. Epstein, MD
Paul M. Lazar, MD*
Cheryl K. Nordstedt
Edgar B. Smith, MD*


Bradford W. Claxton, CAE
Mark V. Dahl, MD
Harry J. Hurley, MD
Peter J. Lynch, MD


Victor D. Newcomer, MD*
Herschel S. Zackheim, MD


Philip C. Anderson, MD*
Richard L. Dobson, MD
James H. Graham, MD
Alfred W. Kopf, MD


E. William Rosenberg, MD


Edward A. Krull, MD
J. Graham Smith Jr., MD
John S. Strauss, MD


J. B. Howell, MD*
G. Thomas Jansen, MD


William M. Narva, MD
Perry Robins, MD
Eugene J. Van Scott, MD


Harvey Blank, MD*
Thomas B. Fitzpatrick, MD, PhD*
Peyton E. Weary, MD


John A. Kenney Jr., MD*
Aaron B. Lerner, MD*


Edward P. Cawley, MD*
Robert W. Goltz, MD
Clayton E. Wheeler Jr., MD*


Harold O. Perry, MD
Walter B. Shelley, MD


William Montagna, PhD*


◦Rees B. Rees, MD*


Hermann Pinkus, MD*
Naomi C. Kanof, MD*


Rudolf L. Baer, MD*
Walter C. Lobitz Jr., MD*


Harry L. Arnold Jr., MD*
Stanley E. Huff, MD*
Frederick A. J. Kingery, MD
John M. Shaw, MD*


Clarence S. Livingood, MD*
Adolph Rostenberg Jr., MD*


Robert R. Kierland, MD*
Francis W. Lynch, MD*
J. Lewis Pipkin, MD*
Samuel J. Zakon, MD*


Samuel Ayres Jr. MD*
J. Lamar Callaway, MD*
Everett C. Fox, MD*
Clinton W. Lane, MD*
Wiley M. Sams, MD*
Richard L. Sutton Jr., MD*
J. Walter Wilson, MD*


Herman Beerman, MD*
Clark W. Finnerud, MD*


Charles C. Dennie, MD*
Harry R. Foerster, MD*
Hamilton Montgomery, MD*


Henry E. Michelson, MD*
Donald M. Pillsbury, MD*
Marion B. Sulzberger, MD*


Clyde L. Cummer, MD*


Fred Wise, MD*


Andrew Biddle, MD*
William T. Corlett, MD*
William A. Pusey, MD*
Charles J. White, MD*