Diversity Mentorship Program: Information for medical students

The application for the 2015 program is now closed.  

The Diversity Mentorship Program offers hands-on exposure to students who are interested in learning more about the specialty of dermatology through a one-on-one mentorship experience with a dermatologist of the student's choice. 

Who should apply: First- through fourth-year medical students who are considered to be underrepresented in medicine* may apply to participate in the American Academy of Dermatology’s Diversity Mentorship Program.

View the Diversity Mentorship Program's frequently asked questions.

A lack of ethnic diversity exists among dermatology's physician population. This affects ethnic minority patients because they may seek medical care less frequently or when it is too late. As the U.S. population continues to grow, diversifying our physician population of dermatologists will bring a unique perspective to the field and encourage patients to seek care more regularly.

This mentorship encompasses 160 hours during the course of one month. Medical students commonly participate in this program in the summer months, but it must be complete by Dec. 1. The mentorship may be completed in a choice of environments such as a medical center, private practice, etc.

Upon application to the program, a medical student may choose a mentor on his or her own, or he or she can choose from the AAD's mentor list. At this time, a stipend will not be provided for 2015 program participants.

The American Academy of Dermatology’s Diversity Mentorship Program is available to first- through fourth-year medical students who are underrepresented in medicine. The Academy recognizes the following racial groups as underrepresented in the field of dermatology (as related to the U.S. population): African-American, Hispanic, American Indian/Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander. An applicant must be a U.S. citizen or have a permanent resident visa.

Your mentor must be selected prior to submitting your application. To begin your search, we suggest contacting dermatologists at your university or within your community. The Academy also has a listing of eligible mentors in our online mentor list (please select the Diversity Mentorship Program in the "Mentor Program" field). Please note, mentors must be members of the Academy to be considered for the program.

Upon completion of your mentorship (by Dec. 1 of the year in which you receive approval), you are required to submit an evaluation of the program and a brief description of your future plans to pursue dermatology.

The application for the 2015 program is closed. 

Contact: Tina Matillano, Project Specialist, Member Services
Phone: (847) 240-1255 
Fax: (847) 240-1859
Email:  timatillano@aad.org

Required information for consideration:  

  • Online application.
  • A copy of your résumé or curriculum vitae.
  • A copy of your medical school transcript. First-year students may submit a list of current classes.
  • Two professional letters of recommendation.

Please visit our frequently asked questions page for more information about the program.

Watch this video to learn more about diversity mentorship at the Academy.