Member Making a Difference: Scott A.B. Collins, MD

Member Making a Difference

Dermatologist Scott A.B. Collins, MD, becomes exemplar for advocates.

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Tigard, Ore. dermatologist Scott A.B. Collins, MD, is known for his significant and time-consuming work on behalf of the specialty, particularly his work as the AAD’s representative to the AMA Relative Value Scale Update Committee (RUC). In addition to his work at the RUC, where he must play an unbiased role, Dr. Collins has excelled at placing dermatology’s interests at the forefront of state and national policy discussions.

"I feel most fortunate to be able to practice dermatology, and it is rewarding to 'return the favor.'"

  • Dr. Collins became involved in advocacy when he began serving as an officer of the Oregon Dermatology Society (ODS), eventually moving up the ranks to serve as president from 2003-2004. He still serves on the board of directors.
  • State societies, Dr. Collins said, are the foundation of successful specialty advocacy, especially with issues that are not being addressed on a national level, such as office-based surgery and indoor tanning.
  • In 2009, the ODS presented its first Scott A.B. Collins Service Award to Dr. Collins in recognition of his tireless volunteerism on its behalf. “My reaction was profound gratitude,” Dr. Collins said. “The impact of having both hard and successful work recognized cannot be understated.”
  • Dr. Collins has served in various capacities at the RUC since 2007, and became the dermatology member in 2011, investing hundreds of hours annually. The RUC recommends values for CPT codes, in effect largely determining how much physicians are paid for providing different services.
  • Dr. Collins’ interest in the RUC, he said, stems from the novelty of working with the entire house of medicine on a personal level. He notes that it is particularly rewarding to be involved with a group where every single member is completely engaged in the process. The frustrations, he said, are manifold and often center on the future of fee-for-service medicine and whether physicians will have a voice in whatever system may replace it.
  • “My hope is that dermatology continues to be recognized for the important role we play in the health care system,” Dr. Collins said. “I hope that our members will continue to be strong advocates for our patients, and that we not lose sight of the fact that we are here primarily to serve them.”

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