From the editor

From the Editor

Abby Van Voorhees

Dr. Van Voorhees is the physician editor of Dermatology World

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The dog days of summer are here...

And so it is fitting that we have a hot issue of DW for you this month. Let’s start with our interview of Dr. John Harris in our Acta column. I’m sure that each of us has been frustrated by the often unyielding course of vitiligo. So I especially enjoyed learning about some of the discoveries that he is making regarding the pathogenesis of this disease. And how fortunate that drugs that target these pathways already exist, and so clinical trials may soon be possible. I love seeing our understanding of dermatology move forward.

Another hot topic this month focuses on the aging hand. This area of the body always seemed to me to be more revealing of a person’s age than their face. Between make-up and cosmetic procedures we are all aware of how much can be achieved to improve the appearance of an aging face. These approaches are now being adapted for use on the dorsal hands. Steps to address the dyspigmentation and loss of fat are highlighted. Whether you want to begin doing these procedures yourself or watch from the sidelines, we’ll all want to read about it so that we can counsel our patients knowledgeably.

Our Cracking the Code column this month is about when to use a flap code versus a repair code. We’ve raised the bar on our coding discussions and we’ve been delighted that so many of you agree that these pieces are “must read” in each issue. The thing about coding is that it sounds so simple when you read it. However, knowing the subtle nuances so that you code correctly is critical. Hope you find this month’s topic timely, and that you find the clinical scenarios illustrative.

Our feature on how to adapt to non-solo practice is certainly timely too. Many of us in either solo practice or small groups are considering joining larger groups to help weather the tumultuous times in medicine. Whether you are moving forward with this change or just wondering if the grass is truly “greener on the other side,” we think that this piece will give you lots to consider. I personally made that move awhile back, and was struck by just how much of a change it truly was. Sure, the patients were people in both locales — and in some cases even the very same people I’d taken care of before. The flow of decisions and pace of change, however, were completely different. While I think of myself as fairly flexible and non-territorial it was a culture shock. So be sure to read this piece and really give it some consideration before you put your John Hancock on that line. It’s a big decision which definitely will change your environment a great deal.

There is always more to talk about than room in my column, making it hard to know which few points to highlight for you. While frustrating, this is a good problem to have. Sort of like those summer BBQs with so many good dishes to sample that you want to have some of it all. You might just have to read each and every one. Hope you each fit in a picnic at some point during this month!

Enjoy your reading!