Online-only: Haiti Clinic slideshow

Dermatologist Neil Heskel, MD, has made over 20 visits to the Haiti Clinic, both its Cité Soleil location and its present location in Boacia, a mountain town one hour south of Port-au-Prince. He shared the following photos with Dermatology World to offer a closer look at his effort to provide dermatologic care to some of the world’s most underserved patients.


A patient’s foot with severe impetigo seen during Dr. Heskel’s 2008 visit to the clinic.

A patient’s neck showing severe eczema and a secondary infection.

Dr. Heskel’s volunteer group in Cite Soleil in front of the orphanage where they stayed.

Patients waiting to be seen in the Cité Soleil clinic in 2009.

A local Haitian nurse prepping a laceration wound for suturing.

A clinic patient with tinea capitis, a common condition seen by volunteers at the clinic.

The pharmacy in the clinic, stocked with common drugs, most of which were donated.

A patient with goiter.

Children waiting to weigh in as part of a malnutrition prevention and correction program.

Elephantiasis, which Dr. Heskel said is still an issue in Haitian patients.

A vehicle known as a “tap tap” loaded with clinic supplies and volunteers in Cité Soleil.

Patients waiting for treatment in an hours-long line outside of the Cité Soleil clinic.

Dr. Heskel with Jonas, the interpreter at the clinic.

Dr. Heskel with Guy Morelus, the principal of the local school in Cité Soleil.

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