Online-only: Patient-centered smartphone app

In terms of both reaching out to patients through consumer technology and providing easy-to-understand medical information to patients, Florida cardiologist Ari Sofffer, MD, has broken new ground with his practice's smartphone app. It not only provides patients information on the practice, it also contains pages of patient-centered educational information on vein disease and treatments.

Perhaps the most attention-grabbing aspect of the app is the ability for patients to submit photos directly to the practice through their smartphones. Existing patients are monitored post-treatment this way, and new patients can receive a free consultation by uploading their photos and receiving information on treatment options.

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The front screen of Dr. Soffer's app presents a number of choices for patients.

The app includes patient-focused information about the conditions that Dr. Soffer treats, allowing patients to educate themselves about their conditions and treatments before and after their visit.

Patient education information focused on the causes of vein disease.

Post-treatment instructions for a variety of procedures are included on the app.

The app also includes contact information for the practice and practice location information.

Both existing and new patients can take advantage of the camera capabilities of their smartphone to submit photos to the practice.

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