EHR adoption rate rises in dermatology groups
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When the Academy surveyed members about electronic health record adoption in 2011, it found that about 38 percent had implemented an EHR system in their practices, and another 13 percent had acquired a system, for a total acquisition rate of 51 percent. When the Academy asked about EHR adoption again when it conducted the Dermatology Practice Profile Survey in 2012, though, acquisition rose four points — 55 percent of dermatologists reported that they had acquired an EHR.

What accounts for the increase? Dermatologists in group practices led the change, with 49 percent having acquired a system in 2012 compared to 36 percent in 2011. Solo practices also saw a slight rise, from 36 to 41 percent. (The results may correlate with age, as well; see the April Facts at Your Fingertips, which indicated that solo practice is more common among those over 50, with group practice more common among those under 50.)

The newer survey also found significantly fewer dermatologists in groups without plans to acquire an EHR system at some point; the figure dropped from 35 to 22 percent. Soloists, however, held nearly steady; 44 percent had no adoption plans in 2012, down from 48 percent in 2011.

A full table of adoption by practice type appears below.