Online-only: Skin Advocate app slideshow

The home screen of Skin Advocate allows users to select from a wide variety of dermatology-related organizations.

More of the organizations available on Skin Advocate.

Additional organizations available to Skin Advocate users.

Once an organization is selected, the app provides contact and registration information.

The app summarizes the mission of each organization, as well as the name and number of a contact within the organization.

From there, users can click on the Web address to visit the organization's page.

The app also allows for emails to be sent directly to the organization.

Emails to the organization through the app work with the familiar iPhone email interface.

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The Skin Advocate iPhone application allows physicians, patients, and advocates to connect with a host of dermatology organizations through a one-stop directory. The slideshow above provides a demonstration of the app's functionality. To learn more about how groups can helps dermatologists and their patient, read "Patients helping patients." A sidebar to the story, "Get the app," includes more information about Skin Advocate.