Online-only: South Africa's public health issues

This month's International Issues in Practice column details the challenges facing physicians in South Africa. The list below details some of the crises in that country.

  • Prevalence of HIV among adults 15-49: 17.3 percent
  • Percentage of HIV-positive pregnant women receiving anti-retrovirals: 95 percent
  • Antiretroviral coverage among people with advanced HIV: 66 percent
  • Tuberculosis patients with known HIV status: 83 percent
  • Measles immunization among 1 year olds: 78 percent
  • Hepatitis B immunization among 1 year olds: 76 percent
  • Diptheria/pertussis immunization among 1 year olds: 72 percent
  • Malaria cases reported: 3,875

Source: World Health Organization, 2011 annual report

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