Patients view skin as armor, but may not protect it
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Offered three metaphors for their skin, more survey respondents compared it to armor that protects them than a car to take them where they want to go or their best accessory. However, many respondents said they don’t reinforce their armor with sunscreen, even though they list skin cancer as their top sun-exposure concern.

The survey, conducted by the American Academy of Dermatology and LEO Pharma in January and February as part of the Listen to Your Skin actinic keratosis (AK) awareness campaign, garnered online responses from 1,008 adults ages 25 and up. The results also suggested that, despite their skin cancer concerns, respondents were ill-informed about AKs, which often precede skin cancer: only 13 percent had ever heard of them. More survey results appear below. Dermatologists who want to provide their patients with more information about AKs can direct them to