EHR functionality for dermatologists
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The American Academy of Dermatology’s recent survey of its members regarding their use of electronic health records (EHR) in their practices found that 50.7 percent of respondents (295 of 582) had implemented or acquired an EHR system. Meaningful use standards have helped to ensure that any certified EHR system meets certain minimum standards, but there is still significant variation in the functionality of the EHR systems dermatologists have available to them and some dermatologists do not use some of the features of their systems.

The chart below indicates the percentage of the 295 survey respondents who have an EHR who use different kinds of functionality, as well as the percentage whose EHR systems have that functionality but who do not use it. (The remainder of respondents answered that their system did not have the functionality listed, were not sure, or did not respond.) For more information about EHR adoption, visit the Academy’s Dermatology EHR Manual online at