From the editor

From the Editor

Abby Van Voorhees

Dr. Van Voorhees is the physician editor of Dermatology World

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So much for the lazy days of summer.

There is much happening in every part of the world of medicine. Usually I think of August as the slow month, with the main pressure at work coming from students wanting to be seen before the new school year begins. Not so this year, and it has kept the DW staff and I hopping to cover it all for you.

First we are working very hard to cover all of the changes coming to the house of medicine — many directly from Washington. They range from the implications of the Supreme Court decision on health care reform, to the implementation of 5010, as well as the need for outcomes-based education. Other changes, though, are sprouting locally. Our feature on the franchising of dermatology is something we all should be paying attention to.

Lest you think that change is coming only in the political arena, take a look at this month’s Acta Eruditorum. What exciting developments we’ve seen in the clinical area of melanoma this year, and this one adds to that exploding knowledge.

We also have a couple of changes coming to Dermatology World that I’d like you to notice. The first is the vastly improved e-version of DW — take a look at Best feature in my opinion is the search field. Want to find info on EHR? Then put it in quotes in the search box and tap into the wealth of the DW library. I already love this feature. The staff has worked hard on revising the website, making it intuitive even for me. We owe them a lot of thanks. Feel free to send me your comments at and I’ll be sure to pass them along.

The other thing I want to point out is our supplement on psoriasis. These supplements give us a chance to take a closer look at new information in bread and butter areas of dermatology. We hope that you’ve liked them so far, and found them valuable. We’re planning on focusing on the areas of acne, skin cancer, cosmetics, and psoriasis on a rotating basis. For the record, the supplements are not sponsored by pharma, but do contain paid advertising to cover the costs of printing and postage. Supplements are also available at Hope that you enjoy them.

This month sees the second of our international columns, and this time we are covering Brazil. I found it quite interesting to see how many of the problems faced there are similar to those in the U.S. Trying to figure out how to access medications when there is no prescription coverage is clearly a problem that spans the globe. It may require an international body to solve. We do indeed have much in common as dermatologists.

Can you believe that this issue covers all of these topics? Good thing I have a week at the beach to read and try to process it all. Hope you find some down time too. 

Enjoy your reading.