From the editor

From the Editor

Abby Van Voorhees

Dr. Van Voorhees is the physician editor of Dermatology World

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There is often a pregnant pause when one asks for feedback…

A holding-your-breath kind of feeling. I felt that way after six months of publishing the newly reformatted DW as the editorial staff and I solicited reader comments with two surveys conducted in June. Here’s a thumbnail sketch of what you told us. I’m delighted to say that the feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and that we are taking your suggestions into account moving forward.

We were very gladdened to know of your strong readership. About half of you told us that you read DW every month with many of you reading each and every story. It was particularly satisfying to know that you rank the quality of our content so highly, and to learn how useful many of you find our stories. You like the appearance of the new format and told us you find it user-friendly and highly readable. Some of you suggest that you’d like to see more about new developments in research in clinical dermatology. We agree. Happily, because of the strong advertising support that we’ve been receiving, we are going to be able to add a few pages to DW, allowing us the room we need to include this kind of relevant information, while keeping the publication at a manageable size for quick reading.

We hear that most of you are reading us in print with many fewer choosing our online format. Clearly paper is not disappearing, but if you are not checking out our online edition, you are missing some really cool stuff. Your feedback will be used as we expand our digital presence over the next year or two. We want to be sure that our improvements are actually features that you will find useful. We hope that you have begun to check out the multimedia content that we have recently added to the online edition, which now includes supplementary audio commentary to some of our feature articles. I really have gotten a kick out of hearing the audio clips of our members. In addition, we offer links to primary source material in many articles. Be on the lookout for other features that we plan to add, such as enhanced search and more detailed archiving capabilities.

We have been working hard to make DW a magazine that you find informative, useful to your practice, and a pleasure to read. Advertising supports the Academy’s efforts to both provide you with and to expand the content of this publication, and we are working to ensure that your reading experience remains pleasurable as this necessary and welcome financial support increases.

I thought you might enjoy some comments from a few of our readers, which help us to know that we are heading in the right direction:
• “I’ve found the coding sections to be particularly helpful.”
• “Still top notch coverage of the political and economic issues…especially helpful are the concise checklists in key articles.”
• “I think Dermatology World is a very helpful resource. It is a source I can count on to summarize and highlight the most important breakthroughs in our field without having to sift through every single dermatology journal out there.”

You will find this month’s issue very interesting — PQRS reporting, meaningful use criteria, an update on teledermatology, coding tips regarding distinguishing between shaves and biopsies, and more. I trust that you, like me, will find much that you’ll want to read. It takes a lot of work to make a publication like this happen each month. The writers and the editorial staff have been doing a fantastic job. We plan to continue to make refinements to best serve the derm community. Keep your comments coming. My favorite thus far is “DW is the most relevant and readable derm publication out there.” Thanks for both your feedback and your very kind comments.

Enjoy your reading.

Abby S. VanVoorhees, MD