From the editor

From the Editor

Abby Van Voorhees

Dr. Van Voorhees is the physician editor of Dermatology World

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June will always be synonymous with the end of the year in my mind. All those years of schooling etched in my brain the notion that summer is coming and that all should be winding to a close. Residents at my work are making plans to depart and excitedly looking forward to what their futures will hold. Just this past week we had our department’s annual roast celebrating the residents’ successes and accomplishments….and the faculty of course, withstood their jibes about our foibles and idiosyncrasies. On the home front it certainly feels that way too. With my younger two children graduating from high school, the talk swirling all around me is about celebrations and making potential summer plans.

This summer, however, none of us can afford to “sign out” since many changes are coming. We all will definitely want to read, and then reread, the feature on the upcoming 5010 and ICD-10 changes. It is always unnerving when the government makes changes to the way we do business. I hope after you finish reading this piece that you feel that we’ve given you a thorough explanation of these upcoming changes, and possible steps that you’ll need to take. The list of timelines and information websites should be especially useful. Change goes smoother when planned. Remember too, that the Academy has staff and resources that can help guide you as things move forward.

Next on the list of things to read is the article on EHR. If you are currently thinking about purchasing a computer system for your practice Drs. Kaufmann and Siegel clarify this confusing hornet’s nest of a topic. Even if you are sitting on the sidelines for now and not taking the plunge into the electronic record world, you’ll want to read this piece. It’s important to know how long you can wait and still qualify for the Medicare incentives if you change your mind. And if you already have an electronic record system, then you are going to want to confirm that your computer system qualifies for these much-discussed incentives. With deadlines approaching, the market is expanding and these tools are improving. Knowing how to navigate this confusing terrain is going to take some savvy. Hopefully you’ll find good suggestions and pointers here.

I also think that you’ll want to read our pieces on the new developments in melanoma research and on fillers. We normally think of these topics as being on opposite ends of our practices, but these days they seem to have much in common. Both camps are filled with a lot of deserved excitement, and I hope that you take a minute to catch up on the happenings in both areas.

From zebrafish to computers to coding regulations to fillers….so much for the days of just thinking about skin. Learning about all these government regulations is certainly a bit more than any of us wants; there does not ever seem to be a dull moment. Unfortunately for me it’s just as busy on the home front; I’m sure the same can be said for many of you. But come next fall, I’m sure that I’ll miss some of that chaos once it is gone. Doubt I’ll feel the same way once I’m ICD-10 proficient. Hopefully we’ve given you some helpful information to help you navigate at least the dermatology stuff.

Enjoy your reading, and do feel free to write me with your thoughts and/or questions at

Abby S. VanVoorhees, MD