Member Making a Difference: Ronald Falcon, MD

Member Making a Difference

Dermatologist Ronald Falcon, MD, operates a free clinic that offers specialty care to some of Long Island's most underserved.

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Dermatologist Ronald Falcon, MD, has volunteered in the dermatology clinic of Long Beach Medical Center for 21 years, seeing patients at the lowest economic strata, many of whom have acute dermatologic problems. He is also active in his local community, volunteering for a number of causes in the city where he grew up.

“I feel that if all MDs donated four hours a week or even four hours a month we could cover the uninsured population and help alleviate our health care crisis.”

  • He provides care at the free clinic as the only physician on clinic staff to refuse compensation from the hospital.
  • Most patients at the clinic report that they’re able to pay between $0 and $40 for all procedures and lab work provided.
  • He provides education and lectures on skin cancer awareness and sun protection to lifeguards and civic groups in his community.
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