From the editor

From the Editor

Abby Van Voorhees

Dr. Van Voorhees is the physician editor of Dermatology World

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Dear Readers,

Welcome to the new and improved Dermatology World. You may ask, “What was wrong with the old Derm World?” Nothing was wrong with it; a staggering 90 percent of us looked at it each month. It has been a trusted and reliable source for many of the things we wanted and needed to know. I for one appreciated finding out about all sorts of topics such as how events in Washington were going to affect dermatology. But even something good can be improved. And so the Board of Directors and the staff of the AAD decided to wake up the sleeping giant just a bit. Hopefully you will agree that we have kept what was good and have included even more that you will find useful and enjoyable.

As your newly appointed Physician Editor I’ll serve as your guide to some of the articles that you will find in each issue. The first of these is a monthly column, Acta Eruditorum, which takes a cutting-edge article from the literature and examines its applicability to our practices. This month it looks at the role of surgical garb in protecting patients from surgical site infections. Given the expense of gloves and other protective items, it is extremely important that we determine what is truly helpful rather than what is just tradition. I always wondered if those foot coverings did anything! Read it to find out. 

Dirk Elston, MD, will be writing Cracking the Code each month on coding issues of concern to us all. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a relative beginner you’ll appreciate his strategy of making that topic seem easier. We all can benefit from the review. 

The third monthly column, In Practice, will discuss various practice issues. This month’s piece is on hiring employees. Having good staff is critical for each of our practices. Knowing how to manage this process correctly is therefore very important. The IRS website is a pearl to definitely tuck into one’s doctor bag.

And finally, each issue will have three feature articles. This month they are on health system reform, electronic medical records and drug sampling — all very hot topics. One thing that is very clear is that changes are coming in each of these areas no matter which political party prevails in Washington; we all need to prepare for them. Who knew when I applied to medical school that I’d need to understand different kinds of computer server models ... I thought that was something only the computer geeks were going to need to know!

I hope you will enjoy our first month’s line up. We’re already planning for the upcoming months, and trust that you’ll like them as well. We’ll know that we’ve hit the nail on the head if you start telling me you turn to Dermatology World to get the latest on the hot topics in Washington instead of reading The Wall Street Journal. I’d love to hear from everyone with your thoughts and suggestions to help reach our goal; the best way to reach me is

Happy New Year to all!

Abby Van Voorhees, MD