Member Making a Difference: Tina Chen, MD

Member Making a Difference

Resident Tina Chen, MD, takes dermatologic teaching abroad.

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Despite a fairly short career compared to many of her colleagues, Tina Chen, M.D., has undertaken a great deal of volunteer work both in the U.S. and abroad as part of her mission to share her dermatology skills with those in most need of them. The third-year resident at the University of California-Irvine has traveled to Mexico and China to deliver dermatologic care, as well as volunteering with a severely underserved community of sex workers and transgendered people during her time in medical school in San Francisco.

“I think my favorite part is being able to love those who are underserved. There’s a real need, not just internationally, but domestically, to serve them.”

  • Dr. Chen has undertaken a number of trips through the Global Health Outreach, traveling to Wafangdian, China and Valladolid, Mexico.
  • During her volunteer trips, Dr. Chen has seen a number of uncommon conditions, including x-linked ichthyosis and chromoblastomycosis.
  • Prior to her trip to China, Dr. Chen worked with her mother who is fluent in Mandarin to translate the Academy’s teaching cards. They’re now available through the Academy for dermatologists traveling to China who wish to leave behind teaching material for local primary care physicians.
  • “I would encourage everyone to participate in an international volunteer trip. It’s a lot of fun; you get to work with other amazing doctors who share a passion for caring for the needy. You learn about a new culture and form relationships with people you may otherwise never have met.”
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