All eyes on dermatology
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Journalists want eyeballs  in the form of consumers of the stories they create. 2014 saw dermatologists demonstrate once again that their work is fascinating to the public, with dermatology-related topics generating 2.1 billion media impressions, equivalent to reaching each American more than six times. The most-covered topics were skin cancer and sun protection (43 percent of coverage) and acne (42 percent).

In addition to all of this coverage, the Academy also helped keep the public informed about skin, hair, and nail health via its public service advertisements, which have received $14.5 million in free placements to date. Watch them at

The AAD also increased its social media presence in 2014. Among its successes:

  • Facebook page likes increased by 219 percent, with 34,078 new likes. The public can like the AAD at
  • Twitter followers increased by 57 percent, with 3,719 new followers. The public can follow the AAD at
  • Derm A to Z videos attracted significant viewership on YouTube at The top three were:

    o How to check for bedbugs: 184,901 views

    o Tips for treating poison ivy: 78,544 views

    o Eczema: Bleach bath therapy: 14,305 views

Want to know about the stories your patients may be seeing and hearing in the media? Keep up with the Academy’s monthly Media Update newsletter. Available in the Academy’s Media Relations Toolkit, it can keep you current on the stories patients may find in the media and ask you about when they come to your office.

Meanwhile, look below to see how the attention paid to dermatology has grown since 2002.