Building lifelong bonds at Camp Discovery
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Highlights from the AAD's Camp Discovery

Every summer, the AAD’s Camp Discovery program gives over 300 children with skin conditions the chance to explore the outdoors and form lasting friendships. Spanning 22 years, six different camps, and five locations, Camp Discovery’s strong sense of community has inspired some former campers to give back to the program by returning as counselors or part of the medical staff. AAD program specialist Janine Mueller describes the strong bonds forged at camp: “Kids live for it. They’ll keep in touch with their friends all year. Kids with alopecia don’t have to wear their wigs because they feel like they’re in a safe place, and it’s really something to see.” Volunteers ensure campers enjoy a full spectrum of traditional summer camp fare, with adjustments to suit their unique conditions, such as evening horseback rides and fishing trips to accommodate for sun sensitivities.

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