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Dec. 27, 2023

We know how much you enjoy Dr. Heymann and the editorial board’s weekly analyses of dermatologic literature, so we’ve created a list of the top 10 most popular issues in 2023 — starting with the most popular issue of the year.

1. After 23 years, a syndrome converted me into an eflornithine believer

I learned that Vaniqa was discontinued. Topical eflornithine was released in 2000 to reduce facial hirsutism. When the drug was released, I recall being fascinated by the premise of its mechanism. Keep reading.

2. Can we chat?

ChatGPT is here and our world is not the same. AAD 2023 was likely our last meeting that will not be all about the bot. ChatGPT is changing at breakneck speed, so that studies based on its use and influence are yet to be written. Keep reading.

3. Diagnosing mail unit melanomas at a faster clip

Every dermatologist has examined a pigmented nail, wondering if the pathologic process reflects a nail unit melanoma or subungual melanoma versus a benign melanocytic lesion, pigmented onychomycosis, or hemorrhage. Keep reading.

4. Saving face: The importance of recognizing facial discoid dermatosis

I get excited when astute dermatologists describe and label dermatoses that I have seen but could not adequately diagnose. Two recent examples include acute inflammatory edema and alpha-gal syndrome. Keep reading.

5. Turning a blind eye on second opinions

Whenever I encounter patients who ask for, or are being seen for, second opinions, I silently chuckle at Henny Youngman’s timeless one-liner about the subject (you can Google it). The fact is that second opinions are no joke. Keep reading.

6. Taking it on the shin: Part one

I am intentionally skeptical of medical literature that purports “new” entities. Are they novel and distinct or just minor variations of long-recognized dermatoses? Keep reading.

7. Acquisition and loss: A tribute to Jouni Uitto, MD, PhD

I was stunned and frozen in time and thought when Dr. Sylvia Hsu informed me that Dr. Jouni Uitto had passed away — a similar reaction as I experienced when hearing of President Kennedy’s or John Lennon’s assassination. Keep reading.

8. Tinea gone wild: The emergence of Trichophyton indotineae as a global phenomenon

Trichophyton indotineae is a newly identified dermatophyte species causing a near epidemic in the Indian subcontinent that is frequently resistant to terbinafine. Keep reading.

9. Seeing red with dupilumab

Since its release in 2017, dupilumab has transformed the therapeutic landscape for managing AD and other eczematous disorders when used off-label. Increasingly, practitioners have observed erythematous eruptions, usually on the head and neck, attributed to the use of dupilumab. Keep reading.

10. Sniffing out the meaning of perialar intertrigo

The first sentence in the abstract by Sanchez et al intrigued me: “We observed isolated cases of perialar intertrigo in children and teenagers that did not appear to correspond to any known clinical entity.” Keep reading.

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