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DWI&I Holiday Greeting 2021

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By Warren R. Heymann, MD, FAAD
December 22, 2021
Vol. 3, No. 50

Dr. Warren Heymann photo
Dear DWI&I devotee:

The end of the year is a time for reflection and hope. Everyone reading this commentary has been affected by the pandemic. My heart goes out to anyone who has lost a loved one, or who has taken ill with the virus, and has had lingering sequelae.

I have taken the liberty of quoting myself from the DWI&I Holiday Greeting 2020. Unfortunately, the same comment holds true. The past year has seen an unprecedented vaccine rollout countered by a vociferous anti-vaccine movement. Coupled with Delta coronavirus surge and the new Omicron variant, the events of January 6th, sequelae of climactic extremes, and social unrest, is it any wonder that many feel anxious and exhausted?

We have all needed to adjust to new realities both personally and professionally. I have surprised myself with some pandemic-related changes — I would rather take a nature hike with my wife than watch the Phillies or Eagles (perhaps that is because they mostly have not been worth watching this year anyway). We have even enjoyed a new Saturday night habit of viewing the Hallmark channel. Perhaps the predictability of the same story line (boy meets girl — they’re mutually attracted but with angst — they start a relationship but an old flame gets in the way, being misunderstood by the aggrieved party, only to be happily reconciled by the end with a kiss) reassures me that life can work out for the best.

I am finding the transition to normality very awkward. Whether it is shaking hands, eating indoors, deciding whether to go to social events (which we have only done rarely), nothing feels quite right. Despite this state of limbo, I appreciate how fortunate I am — my family’s health is good, the practice is thriving, I work with marvelous colleagues, and still approach dermatology with the wonder and joy of my residency days.

I am delighted to report that DWI&I continues to establish itself as a cornerstone of ongoing AAD education. It is read weekly by an ever-increasing number of dermatologists worldwide. Its success is based on the herculean and heroic efforts of our managing editor Richard Nelson, our indefatigable associate editor Danielle DeHoratius, and our stellar editorial board. They are committed to providing current, accurate, and thought-provoking information to elevate your dermatology practice.

On behalf of everyone involved with DWI&I, I wish you the happiest of holiday seasons. May 2022 lead us to a better world. Unquestionably, it will be a challenging year — like all years. May you be granted good health, fortitude, determination, and perseverance to overcome any obstacles, so that you can be a beacon of hope and inspiration to your family, friends, colleagues, and patients.

Warren R. Heymann, MD, FAAD

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